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example is a dictator
a) presidential dem
b) paliamentary dem
c) autocracy
d) voluntary association

why do most people not like an autocratic country?
a) there is little or no citizen participation
b) different areas in large countries need different kinds of laws
c) citizens dont always like the representatives that have been elected
d) they constantly have to vote

what is role of the citizen
a) citizen caine role
b) how much influence or power people have in a country
c) the job used to earn a living
d) only elected officials

3 independent government branches
a) autocracy
b) presidential democracy
c) parliamentary democracy
d) voluntary association

this usually has a prime minister
a) autocratic
b) presidential democracy
c) parliamentary democracy
d) none of these (what are those)

Government by the few
a) oligarchy
b) unitary
c) autocratic
d) democracy

one leader and no or very little citizen participation
a) autocracy
b) oligarchy
c) federal
d) democracy

usually has a president as its leader
a) presidential democracy
b) parliamentary democracy
c) oligarchy
d) autocracy

what is role of citizen in autocracy?
a) little or no influence in gov
b) they always vote for their representatives
c) they should vote for their representatives
d) they run the government by constantly voting

the people have power
a) democracy
b) autocracy
c) federal
d) all

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