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Which part of China includes the western and northern parts of present-day China?
a) Inner China
b) Outer China
c) Upper China
d) Lower China

This is one of the most dangerous places to live because of the huge sand dunes and sandstorms. It is one of the harshest places to live and is difficult for travelers to cross.
a) The Northeastern Plain
b) The middle and lower Chang Jiang Basins
c) The Tibet-Qinghai Plateau
d) The Taklimaken Dessert

Why is Inner China a better place to settle than Outer China?
a) Inner China had less flooding
b) Inner China had fertile land
c) Outer China had too many animals
d) Outer China had too much rain

What was a major goal of the clans in the Shang Dynasty?
a) to eliminate social classes
b) to gain as much land as possible
c) to make as many weapons as possible
d) to make human sacrifices

What very important material did the Shang begin using to make weapons?
a) silk
b) jade
c) bronze
d) iron

Which of the following is not a Chinese Philosophy?
a) Legalism
b) Confucianism
c) Feudalism
d) Daoism

This helped the Han Dynasty expand their empire into current-day Asia, Korea, and Vietnam.
a) a large, well-organized army
b) strict social classes
c) a powerful government
d) paper for communication

The Han people produced and traded this for the first time.
a) paper
b) Salt
c) Silk
d) grapes

This was used to preserve meats and vegetables:
a) salt
b) jade
c) bronze
d) sugar

All of these are ways Emperor Qin helped China EXCEPT:
a) Simplified the writing system
b) Producing silk to trade
c) Standardized weights, measures, and money
d) Built the Great Wall

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