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What is another word for a narrative?
a) outcome
b) plot
c) story

When writing a personal narrative, which point of view should you use?
a) third
b) first
c) second

A symbol is...
a) the series of events in a narrative.
b) the main idea of a narrative.
c) an object that stands for itself and a bigger idea.

In the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, the mockingbird symbolizes...
a) Tom Robinson, an innocent man.
b) Scout's relationship with her father.
c) Boo Radley's mysterious character.

Theme is...
a) the way a narrative is told.
b) the narrator’s voice.
c) the overall meaning of a narrative (story).

Which of the following is a possible theme of a narrative?
a) a flag represents America
b) everyone deserves justice
c) characters in a narrative

A theme in the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird is...
a) everlasting love.
b) standing up for people who cannot stand up for themselves.
c) how to achieve the American Dream.

What is a contraction?
a) a shortened form of nouns
b) a shortened form of two words
c) a way of texting

What is first person point of view?
a) When the story is told from the narrator’s perspective, using ‘I” to describe events.
b) Only one person is in the scene.
c) The first person to speak is the most important.

What is third person point of view?
a) When the narrative is not told by the narrator’s point of view, but from another character’s perspective.
b) When there are three people in a scene.
c) When the third person to speak is the most important.

When you see the pronouns you and your in a narrative, you can assume a narrative is written in...
a) First person
b) Second person
c) Third Person

This narrative is written from what point of view? It was too late when I saw the ice. My car skidded off the road, and I ran into a tree. Luckily, I was not hurt, but my car was totalled.
a) Second Person
b) Third Person
c) First person

This narrative is written from what point of view? Jake stared at the camera in the window. He had wanted the new Canon from the first day he spotted it in the window. He just needed to make some extra money.
a) Third Person
b) second person
c) first person

Which is a contraction for they are.
a) the're
b) they're
c) theyar'e

What is the contraction for it is.
a) it'is
b) i'ts
c) it's

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