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What does the word Gospel mean?
a) The Word
b) Good News
c) preach
d) laugh

Who are the 4 Gospel writers?
a) John, Paul, George and Ringo
b) Matthew, Mark, Bruce and John
c) Matthew, Mark, Levi and Bartholomew
d) Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

What are the 3 sacraments of Initiation?
a) Holy Orders, Reconciliation and Marriage
b) Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist
c) Annointing of the Sick, Reconciliation and Communion
d) Water, oil and fire

What are the two sacraments of healing?
a) Holy Orders and Marriage
b) Baptism and Eucharist
c) Water and Oil
d) Annointing of the Sick and Reconciliation

What are Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday called?
a) Resurrection
b) Incarnation
c) Mystery
d) Triduum

Which sacrament consecrates a man to serve the Church?
a) Holy Orders
b) Marriage
c) Reconciliation
d) Annointing of the sick

In the Nicene Creed what are the 4 marks of the Church?
a) Priest, Prophet, King and Father
b) Father, Son, Holy Spirit and Ghost
c) One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic
d) Died, Risen, Will come again and repeat

What are baptized people called who are not part of the heirarchy?
a) people of God
b) the laity
c) the clergy
d) the saints

What are the two main parts of Mass?
a) Beginning and End
b) Entrance and Exit
c) The Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist
d) Gathering Rite and Eucharistic Rite

What does incarnation mean?
a) God becoming divine
b) God becoming human
c) God becoming a car
d) God becoming a flower

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