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I saw the SEA.
a) mare
b) maria
c) mari
d) marium

The names OF THE CITIES were unfamiliar
a) urbs
b) urbis
c) urbium
d) urbibus

Without DEATH, humans would be like the gods.
a) mortibus
b) morti
c) morte
d) mortium

a) animalia
b) animalium
c) amimal
d) animalibus

a) vis
b) vim
c) vires
d) vi

We give help TO THE CITIZENS.
a) civi
b) civium
c) civibus
d) civis

That is PART of the problem.
a) pars
b) partis
c) partem
d) parti

A crowd OF CITIZENS is gathering outside.
a) civium
b) civis
c) civibus
d) cives

I had seen THE ANIMAL.
a) animali
b) animalia
c) animal
d) animalium

There are many fish in THE SEA.
a) mari
b) maria
c) maribus
d) maris

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