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From 1948 until the mid 1990s, this nation was fully segregated in terms of education, medical care, and access to all other public facilities. Black citizens were not given citizenship, were not allowed to vote and were even forced to live on homela
a) the Republic of South Africa
b) the republic of uganda
c) republic of Kenya
d) the republic of Sudan

Which term refers to a group of human beings whose members identify with one another based on common ancestry and culture?
a) ethnic group
b) religious group
c) nationalist group
d) entrepreneurship

As the European powers grew more industrialized, their colonies became very important as sources of
a) raw materials.
b) slave labor.
c) new inventions.
d) military prestige.

Most peoples of sub-Saharan Africa speak a language that is part of which family?
a) Bantu
b) Swahili
c) Ashanti
d) Egyptian

Why are the majority of Sub-Saharan African cities located along major rivers and the coast?
a) water for trade
b) close to escape
c) close to allies
d) fishing

What can BEST be concluded
a) Education and economic success are closely linked.
b) People in the Middle East and North Africa are illiterate.
c) Latin American education is constantly improving.
d) East Asia is the poorest region in the world.

Which factor is MOST LIKLEY to have had the greatest impact on human settlement patterns in Sub-Saharan Africa?
a) proximity to water sources needed for subsistence farming
b) proximity to the region's numerous coal mines
c) political boundaries created during European colonization
d) urbanization resulting from the growth of the oil industry in the region

Which region of Africa is characterized by semi-arid, flat grasslands which are home to small villages of subsistence farmers?
a) Savanna
b) Sahara
c) Sahel
d) Tropical Rainforest

People in southern Africa would be MOST affected by
a) the spread of the Kalahari Desert.
b) fish shortages in the Indian Ocean.
c) a decrease in trans-Saharan trade.
d) the flooding of the Nile River.

All of these are major issues facing governments in Africa EXCEPT
a) pollution and acid rain due to industry and factories in urban areas.
b) HIV/AIDS becoming the leading cause of death for adults.
c) famine due to drought, soil erosion, and overpopulation.
d) the lack of basic education and illiteracy , especially for females.

Extensive commercial logging, the use of wood for cooking and heating, and excessive clearing of land by subsistence farmers has led to __________________ in most areas of Sub-Saharan Africa.
a) deforestation
b) desertification
c) erosion
d) water pollution

The dominant geographic feature in North Africa is
a) a desert.
b) a plateau
c) rainforest
d) tropical jungle

Which sub-region of Africa is home to the Kalahari Desert?
a) south
b) north
c) east
d) west

Given that the Nile generally flows in a northward direction, which statement is MOST accurate?
a) The Nile flows into the Mediterranean Sea.
b) The Nile flows into the Suez Canal.
c) The Nile flows into Lake Victoria.
d) The Nile flows into the Red Sea.

How did 18th- and 19th-Century European imperialism help to cause nationalism in Asian and African countries?
a) It inadvertently united people there to oppose foreign domination.
b) not this one! geesh! DO NOT CLICK ME!!! ...WOW!
c) It established Christianity as the common religion.
d) It promoted free trade among the imperial colonies.

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