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All of the following are examples of the controlling function of management except
a) motivating employees
b) taking preventative and corrective actions
c) using outside auditors to review accounting records
d) adjusting inputs to maximize outputs

Lines of authority
a) indicate who is responsible to whom and for what
b) are usually less clearly understood in a small sole proprietorship
c) are not as important in a larger business where people work as teams
d) none of these

Supply analysis is
a) determining if there are sufficient types and numbers of employees available
b) balancing the demand for and the supply of employees
c) using selection and reduction processes
d) estimating in advance the types and numbers of employees needed

A job description should include all of the following information except
a) the marital status and family characteristics required for the job
b) the identification or title of the job
c) the eduction and experience requirements of the job
d) the duties and responsibilities of the job

All of the following are ways of minimizing problems in repatriation except
a) keeping foreign experiences private because old friends will not understand them
b) planning in advance for employment after returning home
c) exploring other job options with other companies
d) being grateful for experiences abroad as a way of appreciating the home culture

The purpose of an informational interview is to
a) gather information about a career or organization
b) obtain a part-time job
c) acquire on-the-job training
d) review the performance of a worker

Job creation refers to
a) inventing an employment position based on your skills
b) new jobs resulting from technology
c) employment based on trade among countries
d) hiring a person from one country to work in another country

Career choice and the availability of different kinds of jobs are affect by several factors including
a) all of these
b) demographics, such as an increase in average life span
c) economic conditions such as changing consumer demands
d) personal factors such as the education and experience required for a specific job

The experience section of a resume should include all of the following except
a) the salary earned in past jobs held
b) a description of the major job duties of past jobs held
c) employers' names and addresses for current and past jobs
d) community service activities that were similar to a job

The chances of having a successful employment interview are increased if you
a) all of these
b) do practice interviews to improve your skills
c) arrive early and try to relax
d) research the company and prepare questions to ask the interviewer

Marketing includes each of the following activities, except
a) manufacturing
b) shipping
c) advertising
d) packaging

A factor that could describe a nation's demographics is
a) educational level
b) political system
c) social values
d) technology

Buying influences, such as hobbies, family activities, interests, and opinions, are called
a) psychographics
b) demographics
c) personality traits
d) physical needs

The marketing of services is usually similar to the marketing of goods except for
a) price
b) distribution
c) promotion
d) technological trends

An example of a push promotion would be
a) a discount for retailers
b) telephone calls to offer customers a special discount
c) a television commercial
d) a contest for customers

Companies produce new products for all of the following reasons except
a) all of these are reasons for producing new products
b) old products become unpopular with customers
c) competitors enter the market and attract customers
d) sales decline because product becomes obsolete

A research method that measures consumer behavior is
a) observational research
b) referring to computerized data
c) conducting a survey or interview
d) holding a focus group session

A loss leader is
a) a very low-priced item used to attract customers
b) an attempt to create a quality image for a product
c) an item sold at a discount during certain seasons
d) used to match the price of competitors

Movement of liquids between two connecting countries would be performed best by
a) pipeline
b) air carreir
c) railroad
d) waterway

All of the following are examples of a direct distribution channel except
a) a company sells goods to a wholesaler
b) a company sells its goods through its web site on the Internet
c) a company sells its good in its own retail outlets
d) all of these are examples of a direct distribution channel

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