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If the United Sates place a trade embargo on a foreign country,
a) no products could be traded between the United States and the foreign country
b) quotas would be placed on all goods entering the United States
c) all businesses owned by the foreign government in the United States would be privatized
d) the United States would have granted most favored nation status to this foreign country

A method of international business with the lowest risk is
a) indirect exporting
b) franchising
c) a joint venture
d) foreign direct investment

When a movie company allows its cartoon characters to be used on clothing items produced in other countries, it is an example of
a) licensing
b) management contracting
c) a wholly owned subsidiary
d) direct exporting

Of the following statements, the one that does not describe a multinational company is that
a) its strength is that if offers a different product in each market
b) it maintains both an international and local perspective
c) a country may become too dependent on it
d) none of these

Of the following methods for getting involved in international business, the one with the highest risk is
a) foreign direct investment
b) management contracting
c) licensing
d) joint venture

When goods are exported to another company
a) the method of shipment varies depending on the product and other factors
b) the quickest method of shipment should be used
c) the least expensive method of shipment should be used
d) none of these

Products that do not usually require much modification for foreign customers include
a) clothing
b) laundry detergent
c) skin care products
d) none of these

A country with exports of $6 million and other cash coming in of $3 million and imports of $5 million and other cash going out of $3 million has a
a) favorable balance of payments
b) unfavorable balance of payments
c) trade surplus
d) trade deficit

A company can have a competitive advantage if it
a) builds the best reputation for quality of all companies in the market
b) produces a comparable product at the same cost as others in the market
c) has about the same manufacturing costs as other companies in the market
d) none of these

The exchange rate for a stable country
a) changes somewhat from day to day
b) remains the same unless there is a political change
c) is always based on the U.S. dollar
d) none of these

All of the following are examples of capital projects except
a) buying a 6 month supply of packaging materials to take advantage of a 10% discount
b) installing a new computer and network system
c) buying ships to handle your own overseas transportation of goods
d) buying a company that competes with your own company

Parties that can appear before the International Court of Justice include
a) only countries
b) only companies
c) countries, companies, and individuals
d) countries and companies

A person who makes duplicate compies of a videotape of a commercial movie and then sells it would be violating a
a) copyright
b) patent
c) trademark
d) none of these

International treaties and trade agreements may serve all of the following purposes except
a) helping to provide uniformity between different cultures and customs
b) allowing free flow of goods and services between member countries
c) setting currency exchange rates
d) helping to ensure fair competition practices between member countries

All of the following are actions that a participative manager would take except
a) give employees the opportunity to learn on their own and supply their own motivation
b) encourage employees to contribute ideas and suggestions
c) keep employees informed about project needs
d) help employees set goals and ways to measure them

A mediator does all of the following except
a) makes a binding decision
b) makes suggestions and proposals
c) helps the parties reach a compromise
d) addresses the substance of the dispute

Argo, Inc., is a global corporation with Asian, European, and North American divisions. From this information, you can infer that is is organized by
a) geography
b) function
c) product
d) process

Span of control refers to the
a) number of employees that a manager supervises
b) distance between the levels of management in an organization
c) number of levels of managers within the organization
d) distance in feet between the employees and their manager

Leadership can be described as
a) the ability to get others to follow
b) forcing people to do what you want them to do
c) gathering information to solve problems
d) the ability to use resources to achieve goals

A manager who usually completes projects by ordering employees to do certain tasks but does not tell the employees how the tasks contribute to the project is
a) an autocratic manager
b) a participative manager
c) a free-reign manager
d) a manager who combines several styles of management

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