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If a problem asks for the acceleration, which of the following would be a correct answer for the units?
a) m/s^2 east
b) N west
c) m/s
d) N

Mrs. C is moving the table at the front of the room again. If she is exerting a force of 100 N and it is moving at a constant velocity, what is the kinetic friction?
a) a little more than 100 N
b) 100 N
c) You need to know the mass of the table in order to answer.
d) 50 m/s^2 forward

Kids are building a snowman. The mass of the ball is 40 kg. The static friction is 25 N. The kinetic friction is 12 N. With what force must they push in order to get it to accelerate at 1.0 m/s^2 north?
a) 77 N north
b) 52 N north
c) 27 N south
d) 25 N

Which answer would be correct for the total force if it was on a frictionless surface?
a) meters
b) m/s^2 west
c) kg m/x^2
d) N south

When checking the observations on a lab report, one number read 27N and the number next to it read 50 N. The experiment was about static and kinectic friction. Which number represented the static friction and which was the kinetic friction?
a) Static Friction = 27 N; kinectic friction = 50 N
b) Kinectic Friction = 27 N; static friction = 50 N
c) Static friction = 23 N; kinectic friction = 77 N
d) Kinectic friction = 23 N; static friction = 77 N

There is a new giant slide at Kemah. At the bottom, there is a long, flat stretch for the slider to stop. If you weigh 75 kg and your acceleration is 10 m/s^2 east, what is the kinetic frictional force between you and the slide.
a) 750 N east
b) 7.5 kg m/s^2 east
c) 750 N west
d) 7.5 kg m/s^2

A rain drop with a mass of 0.001 kg is sliding down a piece of playground equipment. Its acceleration is 0.5 m/s^2. Ignoring friction how much force is pulling the drop down the equipment?
a) .002 N towards the ground
b) .5001 kg m/s^2
c) .5 N
d) .0005 N down the equipment

Kemah had a sad accident. While The Wipeout was getting ready to slow down to stop, (it was flat) when a car that was traveling backward broke away. Which direction did the cart go?
a) It moved in a straight path skidding onto the cement.
b) It continued the rotation and crashed into the car ahead of it.
c) It went opposite the rotation and hit the car it was facing.
d) It continued spinning in the same direction the ride had been going.

Mr. Sym was practicing pitching to Mr. Martin for the CA baseball game. Mr. Martin forgot his mit. When Mr. Martin caught the ball, he broke two bones in his hand. What exerted the force on his hand, and which of Newton's laws was responsible?
a) The ball exerted the force on his hand. Newton's 1st law.
b) Mr. Sym exerted the force. Newton's 2nd law.
c) The ball exerted a force on his hand. Newton's 3rd law.
d) Mr. Martin's hand. Newtons 1st law.

A stuntman is jumping from the rear of a plane and free falling to the ground. There is a special landing pad designed to stop his fall with no injuries. In order to hit the pad should he jump before it, directly above it, or after it?
a) Before the pad
b) Directly above the pad
c) After the pad

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