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Local governments get the money they need to pay for police, fire departments, and schools from...
a) the town printing new money.
b) citizens who donate the money.
c) citizens who pay taxes.
d) Washington D.C. who gives out money.

What TWO people are ELECTED to office?
a) a teacher and a mayor
b) a mayor and a member of congress
c) a member of congress and a police officer
d) a police officer and a teacher

Washington D.C is our country's...
a) capital.
b) city.
c) President.
d) government.

What are the TWO groups that make up Congress?
a) the President and the Senate
b) the House of Representatives and the mayor
c) the House of Representatives and the President
d) the House of Representatives and the Senate

Many local governments in the United States are led by a...
a) president.
b) king.
c) mayor.
d) king.

All of the below services are provided by a local government EXCEPT...
a) the White House.
b) parks and recreation.
c) fire department.
d) road safety.

The mayor and city council are elected by...
a) the people in the country who vote for them.
b) the people in the community who vote for them.
c) the old mayor who picks them.
d) the city council who elects them at a meeting.

The first people to live in the White House were...
a) President George Washington and his wife.
b) President Barack Obama and his wife.
c) President John Adams and his wife.
d) President George Bush and his wife.

In 1783, our country's capital was located in...
a) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
b) Washington, D.C.
c) Rockaway, New Jersey
d) Trenton, New Jersey

There are _________ judges on the Supreme Court.
a) 10
b) 8
c) 3
d) 9

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