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Which sentence supports the prediction that school will be let out early today?
a) I heard one of the students say he was going home early.
b) I saw Mr. Johnson get in his car and leave.
c) The buses are already lined up and ready to load.
d) Today is Friday.

What conclusion can be drawn from the fact that the Titanic was found in water so deep divers cannot get to the wreck?
a) No one was alive on the Titanic when it hit the bottom of the ocean.
b) The Titanic sank quickly.
c) The Titanic was a disaster that killed over 1500 people.
d) The Titanic was not a very good ship.

Which supporting detail supports the assumption that Texas expected the defenders of the Alamo to fail?
a) The defenders fought bravely and refused to leave early.
b) The defenders of the Alamo believed they were just in fighting.
c) The leaders sent orders for the defenders of the Alamo to abandon the town and leave.
d) The Mexican troops were better trained than the Texan troops.

What inference can be made from the following: Amelia Earhart disappeared while trying to fly around the world. No one knows what happened.
a) Amelia Earhart's plane was never found.
b) No one knows what Earhart was trying to do when she disappeared.
c) Earhart was a famous female airplane pilot.
d) Earhart never tried to radio for help.

Which detail does not highlight Tom's excitement over the new car?
a) Tom was staring out the window when his dad drove into the driveway.
b) Tom had been waiting all day for his dad to get home.
c) The moment the bus opened the doors at his house Tom darted off the bus and ran home.
d) Tom had eaten lunch with Tim and Dave at school.

Which of the following sentences illustrates Bob's ability to read well?
a) Bob checked out two books every week from the library.
b) Bob never owed a fine to the library; he always turned his books in on time.
c) Bob always scored perfectly on his Accelerated Reader tests.
d) Bob was always carrying his library book with him.

What inference can be made from the following: The dog ran up to the car, opened the door, and started the engine.
a) The dog enjoys driving cars.
b) The dog's owner has trained the dog to do this trick.
c) The dog is a natural race car driver.
d) The car had some dog treats inside it.

Read the supporting detail. What does it help the reader conclude about Freddy's Restaurant? When I walked in the front door, through the cigarette smoke and dirty floor, I noticed dead flies in the window.
a) The food at Freddy's is not very good.
b) The owner of Freddy's doesn't come around much.
c) Freddy's is closing down soon.
d) Freddy's staff does not care enough about work to clean it up.

Which supporting detail helps the reader infer the following: My aunt Sarah is completely insane.
a) I have an aunt who went to school to be a truck driver.
b) My aunt Sarah never used syrup on her pancakes.
c) My aunt Sarah walks on her hands and wraps bacon around her ears for luck.
d) My mom does not talk to her, anymore.

Which supporting detail supports the following inference: Stan does not like to talk about his illness.
a) Stan brought brochures to class for the students to read about his illness.
b) Cancer is a common illness among young children.
c) Stan's classmates did not know he was sick until halfway through the school year.
d) The principal allowed Stan to come to school late.

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