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What is one reason many people called for changes to the Articles of Confederation?
a) They opposed the Northwest Ordinance.
b) They wanted a plan of government made up of two branches.
c) They believed a weak federal government was ineffective.
d) They thought the state governments were too weak.

Smaller states opposed the Virginia Plan because they
a) feared they would not have enough power in the new Congress.
b) preferred to keep the Articles of Confederation.
c) wanted a weak executive.
d) disliked James Madison.

Which of these resolved conflict between the two plans of government presented at the Constitutional Convention?
a) the Great Compromise
b) the Articles of Confederation
c) the Bill of Rights
d) the Northwest Ordinance

Besides representation, what other major issue required delegates to compromise during the Constitutional Convention?
a) writing an introduction to the Constitution
b) deciding if slaves would be counted for representation.
c) choosing the person who led the executive branch.
d) giving free African Americans the right to vote.

Why did some people oppose ratification of the Constitution?
a) It did not include protection of individual rights.
b) It eliminated state governments.
c) It made slavery illegal.
d) It failed to include checks and balances.

How does the Constitution reflect the principle of separation of powers?
a) The Constitution divides the government into three branches, and each branch has its own duties.
b) It asserts that the people are the primary source of the governments' authority.
c) Each branch of government has the power to check, or limit, the actions of the other two.
d) The government only has the powers the Constitution gives it.

How can the judicial branch check the powers of the executive and legislative branches?
a) They can call special sessions of Congress.
b) They can ratify treaties
c) They can declare executive actions and laws unconstitutional.
d) They can appoint federal judges, ambassadors, and other high officials.

How can Congress pass a bill over a presidential veto?
a) Referred to House and Senate committees.
b) House and Senate members meet, reach compromise on single form of bill.
c) Congress cannot pass a bill over a presidential veto.
d) They get a 2/3rds majority vote of Congress in favor of the bill.

Why do you think the Framers chose not to give the President the power to declare war?
a) They did not want the President to use the U.S. military for his own personal reasons.
b) The United States did not have a strong army.
c) The President did not always have military experience.
d) The United States could not afford to go to war.

The First Amendment would protect people who want to
a) be tried by a jury of local people
b) put up a Web site criticizing a local government official.
c) stop the police from searching their car.
d) apply for a loan so they could start a newspaper business.

Under the Bill of Rights, which of the following is NOT protected?
a) freedom of speech
b) freedom of the military
c) freedom of religion
d) freedom of the press

Which of the following could be considered a responsibility of citizens?
a) to petition the government for lower taxes
b) to attend weekly religious services
c) to vote in elections
d) to attend adult education courses to get a diploma

The opening phrase of the Constitution, 'We the People' , means that the Constitution gets its authority from
a) executive branch
b) state legislatures
c) citizens
d) Congress

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