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This civilization had sewer systems and a great bath; was beside the Indus Rover; language was Sanskrit; has the caste system; Hinduism is the main religion; religion is closely tied to their gov't;
a) China
b) Mesopotamia
c) Egypt
d) India

This civilization was by the Huang He River; believed in ancestor worship; 1st to plant in rows; created silk; used logographs and oracle bones; was skilled in bronze work; had dynasty's
a) India
b) Egypt
c) China
d) Mesopotamia

This civilization had 3 seasons of planting; was by the Nile River; Embalmed their dead; had a monarchy with Pharoah as leader; made pyramids; had hieroglyphics.
a) Egypt
b) Mesopotamia
c) China
d) India

This Civilization had Ziggurats; invented chariots, the wheel and arch; used cuneiform; and had 3 level in society-upper, common, and slaves; was by the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
a) Egypt
b) Mesopotamia
c) China
d) India

What is the definition for technology?
a) Directs people's behavior and makes life orderly
b) Provided and maintained food for everyone
c) Set of beliefs in gods and a form of worship
d) Having and using practical tools and inventions

What is the definition for social structure?
a) Having different jobs and social levels
b) Practical tools and inventions
c) Creative forms of expression like painting and architecture
d) Directs people's lives and creates order

What is a major similarity concerning the religion of all the civilizations?
a) All of them worship at the same time
b) They are all polytheistic
c) They all worship the same gods
d) They all have the same belief system

What is the difference between Paleolithic and Neolithic?
a) Neolithic people hunted and gathered and Paleolithic people farmed.
b) Neolithic people did not have a stable food supply and Paleolithic people did.
c) Paleolithic people lived in communities and Neolithic people did not.
d) Paleolithic people hunted and gathered and Neolithic people farmed.

What is the major physical feature that ALL of the civilizations were centered around that made their daily lives possible?
a) Rivers
b) Mountain ranges
c) Deserts
d) Plains

Which choice is NOT a river one of the Civilizations were around?
a) Huang He (Yellow)
b) Nile
c) Mississippi
d) Tigris and Euphrates

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