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Scientists predict that during this century, ice on many mountains will melt because of
a) rain shadows
b) continent movement
c) El Niño
d) global warming

Which is a cause of urban heat islands?
a) fields
b) buildings
c) ponds
d) forests

Which of these factors may affect a climate for a few years only?
a) a single volcanic eruption
b) the release of greenhouse gases
c) ice sheets melting
d) movement of continents

Which of these affects only a local climate?
a) global warming
b) movement of continents
c) a sea breeze
d) ice ages

Places with tropical wet climates are often located nearthe equator. Tropical wet climates are characterized by
a) hot temperatures
b) cool temperatures
c) high altitudes
d) severe winters

Scientists group climates by
a) evaporation and condensation
b) condensation and precipitation
c) evaporation and temperature
d) precipitation and temperature

It rained yesterday. Today it is sunny. Rain is predicted again for tomorrow. These are examples of
a) changes in the weather
b) changes in climate
c) changes in both weather and climate
d) changes in neither weather nor climate

Concord, New Hampshire, has a three-month period during the year that is very cold. This is an example of
a) a microclimate
b) a seasonal pattern
c) El Niño
d) a rain shadow

Which of these factors contributes to an urban heat island?
a) farmland and fields
b) paved streets and parking lots
c) gardens and nature parks
d) rivers and ponds

A city located in the middle of North America experiences extreme temperature changes during the year. This is an example of a(n)
a) ocean current
b) ice age
c) marine climate
d) continental climate

During summer in the tundra, a thin layer of surface soil thaws out. However, a deeper layer of soil underneath remains frozen year-round. This subclimate is characterized by
a) rainy weather
b) mild weather
c) warm temperatures
d) cold temperatures

Most climates are classified by
a) temperature and altitude
b) altitude and air pressure
c) precipitation and temperature
d) air pressure and precipitation

Which factor would cause a mountaintop in a warm region to be covered with snow?
a) latitude
b) altitude
c) warm ocean currents
d) large bodies of water

Large bodies of water affect climate because
a) water heats up and cools more slowly than land
b) water heats up and cools faster than land
c) water and land cool at the same rate
d) water and land heat at the same rate

In New England the months of June, July, and August example of typically have warm temperatures. This is an example of
a) a continental climate
b) the effect of ocean currents
c) a precipitation pattern
d) a seasonal pattern

The term climate describes
a) unusual weather
b) long-term weather patterns
c) severe storms
d) the atmosphere's composition

Which of these would be most useful for studying cloud cover?
a) surface weather map with isobars
b) satellite images from infrared radiation
c) data charts of air temperatures
d) an informational map that shows pollution

How does a thunderstorm form?
a) Humid air rises rapidly and forms cumulonimbus clouds.
b) Dry air sinks rapidly and forms cirrus clouds.
c) Humid air sinks rapidly and forms cumulonimbus clouds.
d) Dry air rises rapidly and forms cirrus clouds.

Which of these is often a source of danger in both thunderstorms and winter storms?
a) Ice
b) Strong Wind
c) Lightning
d) Tornadoes

Which of these best describes the relationship between weather and climate?
a) Climate is the long-term weather conditions of an area.
b) Weather is the long-term climate changes of an area.
c) They are both long-term changes in Earth's atmosphere.
d) They are both short-term changes in Earth's greenhouse effect.

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