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What type of powerplant uses uranium?
a) coal
b) nuclear
c) hydropower
d) geothermal

Which of the following is a type of renewable energy?
a) coal
b) oil
c) nuclear
d) solar

Renewable energy is also called _____.
a) new energy
b) green energy
c) dirty energy
d) practical energy

Which of the following harms the environment the most?
a) solar energy
b) wind energy
c) coal-burning power plants
d) nuclear power plants

Which source of energy makes global warming worse?
a) coal
b) solar
c) wind
d) nuclear

Which of the following is a problem with nuclear power?
a) global warming
b) acid rain
c) smog
d) heat pollution of lakes

Which of the following is caused by the burning of fossil fuels?
a) acid rain
b) dead birds
c) nitrogen in water
d) heat pollution of lakes

Which of the following is a nonrenewable source of energy?
a) wind
b) coal
c) solar
d) water

What is energy from the sun called?
a) geothermal energy
b) wind energy
c) solar energy
d) hydropower

How do we get coal?
a) We mine for it.
b) We drill for it.
c) We use solar panels to capture it.
d) We use dams to capture it.

What type of atom is used in a nuclear powerplant?
a) hydrogen
b) helium
c) coal
d) uranium

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