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What was the U.S. government’s goal in administering the Marshall Plan after World War II?
a) assist in rebuilding western Europe
b) create an alliance with the Soviet Union
c) aid countries in Africa under fascist rule
d) establish a military presence in eastern Europe

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was formed in 1949. What is the agreement among the nations that formed NATO?
a) to ally in common defense
b) to prevent the spread of infectious diseases
c) to share the costs of developing new technology
d) to provide nuclear weapons to member nations

One goal of the Marshall Plan (1947) was to
a) provide defensive weapons to Great Britain
b) rebuild the economy of Western Europe
c) fund the construction of the iron curtain
d) bring Nazi war criminals to trial in Nuremberg

The United States created the Marshall Plan (1947) as a program to
a) develop an atomic bomb
b) increase civil defense during the Cold War
c) provide economic aid to war-damaged Europe
d) deliver weapons to Nationalist China

In 1948, the United States responded to the Soviet blockade of West Berlin by
a) tearing down the wall between East Berlin and West Berlin
b) supporting United Nations peacekeeping efforts in West Germany
c) shutting down transportation to East Berlin
d) organizing an airlift of supplies to West Berlin

The 38th parallel divides ___________.
a) North and South Korea
b) East and West Sikkim
c) North and South Vietnam
d) East and West Europe

Which of the following alliances was formed to PROTECT communism in Europe?
c) the Warsaw Pact

The iron curtain was a term used to describe the division between ______.
a) East and West Europe
b) North and South Vietnam
c) East and West Sikkim
d) North and South Korea

Where did the city of Berlin lie during the Cold War?
a) West Germany
b) the Soviet Union
c) a neutral zone
d) East Germany

Which of the following alliances was formed to block communism in Europe?
c) the Warsaw Pact

What is the definition of “domino theory” as introduced by President Eisenhower?
a) More third-world countries were acquiring nuclear weapons.
b) The military-industrial complex was growing in strength.
c) Europe could only be rebuilt from World War II one country at a time.
d) One country becoming communist would cause border nations to follow.

What was the Truman Doctrine developed to contain?
a) communism
b) fascism
c) militarism
d) nationalism

Which two countries were the leading powers during the Cold War?
a) Soviet Union and Germany
b) England and China
c) United States and England
d) United States and Soviet Union

The change in the nation’s attitude toward membership in the League of Nations and membership in the United Nations shows the contrast between
a) neutrality and containment
b) appeasement and internationalism
c) isolationism and involvement
d) interventionism and détente

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