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The Holocaust was the persecution/______ of people who were deemed undesirable by Hitler
a) exile
b) death
c) re-education
d) none of the above

The Nuremberg Laws denied _______ citizenship to Jews.
a) Russian
b) Polish
c) American
d) German

The Kristallnacht or Night of Broken Glass attacked _______ settlements killing hundreds.
a) Jewish
b) Russian
c) Polish
d) German

Hitler's plan to place all of Europe's Jews in concentration camps was known as the ______ Solution.
a) Ultimate
b) Last
c) Only
d) Final

The Nuremberg Trials charged ______ Leaders with crimes against humanity.
a) Nazi
b) Fascist
c) Communist
d) Socialist

The ________ Declaration supported the creation of a Jewish country in 1917.
a) Nuremberg
b) Weiss
c) Balfour
d) Braun

The PLO supported the creation of the country known as Palestine.
a) True
b) False

Yasir Arafat was the leader of _______________.
a) The PLO
b) Pakistan
c) Egypt
d) Israel

Israel gained the Sinai Peninsula, West Bank, Golan Heights Jerusalem during the __________
a) Eight Days War
b) Rosh Hashanah War
c) Six Days War
d) Yom Kippur War

Occurred in 1973 when the Arabs attacked Israel on their holy day.
a) Yom Kippur War
b) Six Days War
c) Eight Days War
d) Rosh Hashanah War

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