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A forest of pine trees is burned over a 10 mile area when lightning strikes a tree. In the spring, a few seedlings begin to sprout. This is an example of:
a) primary succession
b) secondary succession
c) overpopulation
d) biodiversity

A glacier has scraped all soil from a rocky area. As it slowly retreats, some of the rock is broken down by weathering. Some moss begins to grow. This is an example of:
a) primary succession
b) secondary succession
c) climax community
d) population growth

The first organisms in an area are known as _____.
a) climax species
b) mature species
c) pioneer species
d) immature species

The old-growth forest has remained the same combination of hickories and oaks for over 100 years. This is an example of:
a) secondary succession
b) climax community
c) primary succession
d) pioneer species

Lichens and moss are called _____.
a) pioneer species
b) climax species
c) secondary succession
d) primary succession

A pond slowly fills in as algae and other plants die and fall to the bottom. This is an example of:
a) a natural disaster
b) maturing community
c) secondary succession
d) primary succession

A volcano erupts creating a new island. After some time, small plants begin to grow. This is an example of _____.
a) primary succession
b) secondary succession
c) tertiary succession
d) carrying capacity

A natural disturbance is typically associated with this type of succession?
a) primary
b) community
c) secondary
d) overpopulation

What would you expect to see in a biodiverse community?
a) lichen and moss
b) small insects, plants, and animals
c) large trees
d) a large variety of insects, plants, and animals

Primary succession almost always begins with...
a) hard soil
b) bare rock
c) dry lake bottom
d) burned out forest

When one group of species is replaced with others over time, it is called...
a) overpopulation
b) carrying capacity
c) evolution
d) succession

If succession has reached its climax community, then in about another 500 years what will happen?
a) primary succession will start over
b) secondary succession will start over
c) the climax community will die off
d) if left undisturbed, the climax community will remain stable

Which statement is true about ecological succession?
a) succession always results in the same climax community everywhere
b) succession always starts with bare rock
c) the climax community will depend on where succession is occurring
d) succession always ends with pioneer species

The following natural events will cause primary succession to occur:
a) floods and hurricanes
b) wild fires and controlled burns
c) tsunamis and tornadoes
d) glacier movement and volcanes

How do lichens contribute to primary succession?
a) by decomposing organic matter from animals and plants
b) by breaking down rock to form soil
c) by fixing nitrogen
d) by converting carbohydrates into fossil fuels

What type of vegetation would you expect to find on an abandoned farm after 150 years?
a) short grasses
b) shrubs
c) pine trees and oak trees
d) lichens

The final stable community that is made up of mature, hardwood trees is called
a) pioneer community
b) farmland
c) climax community
d) old field

_____ succession is more likely to take thousands of years before trees are seen.
a) primary
b) secondary
c) ecological
d) climax

Where does most primary succession take place in the United States?
a) Old farms
b) Hawaii
c) Florida
d) Metroparks

When does a climax community change?
a) never, it always remains stable
b) after human disturbance
c) after a natural disaster
d) both b and c

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