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Identical twins have identical fingerprints
a) true
b) false
c) sometimes
d) don't pick me

Fingerprints formation
a) is complete by the age of 2
b) occurs during fetal development
c) occurs at birth
d) is an ongoing lifetime process

The function of skin ridges isf
a) provide friction
b) protect lower layers
c) provide an area for lookout germs to hide
d) they have no function

The only way to permanently change your fingerprint is to
a) sand the ridges
b) wash with acid
c) burn the skin
d) damage dermal papillae

The most common ridge pattern is
a) arch
b) whole
c) loop
d) bifurcation

Leaves a white print
a) superglue
b) iodine
c) carbon dust
d) ninhydrin

Prints in play-doh would be considered
a) latent
b) plastic
c) transferred
d) visible

Fingerprints are
a) class evidence
b) individual evidence
c) valuable evidence
d) always good

Which substance reacts with amino acids to develop fingerprints
a) superglue
b) carbon dust
c) iodine
d) ninhydrin

a) computerized storage and retrieval system for fingerprints
b) assay technique for fingerprint development
c) chemical means to determine age of fingerprints
d) A Funny Initial System

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