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The x axis is found where....
a) At the top of the graph
b) On the bottom of the graph
c) The line that is created by the graph
d) At the sides of the graph

As x increases Y also increase is an example of...
a) Indirect Relationship
b) Broken Relationship
c) Cyclic Relationship
d) Direct Relationship

Important items to include on a graph would be
a) A Title
b) A labeled X and Y axis
c) Appropriate scale on the x and y axis
d) All of the above

As X increases Y decreases is an example of....
a) Direct Relationship
b) Indirect Relationship
c) Inverse Relationship
d) No Relationship

The Y axis is found
a) On the side
b) On the bottom
c) On the top
d) In the graph

A cyclic graph is one that constantly
a) cheats
b) increases
c) decreases
d) repeats

A constant graph means that
a) X gets bigger where as Y gets smaller
b) Y gets bigger where as X gets smaller
c) There is no relationship between X and Y
d) X and Y grow and then decrease rapidly

Line graphs are useful for showing....
a) Large amounts of data
b) Two sets of data
c) confusing stuff
d) nothing, there actually is not a good reason to use a line graph

If we were to make a graph of the temperature in Wisconsin over 10 years it would be what type of relationship?
a) Direct
b) Inverse
c) Cyclic
d) Constant

The Earth is tilted at an angle of 23.5 degrees all year long. A graph indicating this tilt compared to the months of the year would be an example of what relationship?
a) Direct
b) Constant
c) Inverse
d) Cyclic

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