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The function of valves in the human circulatory system is to
a) stimulate the heartbeat.
b) accelerate the flow of blood.
c) prevent the backward flow of blood.
d) serve as a cushion to prevent friction.

Air is filtered, warmed, and moistened in the
a) nose.
b) alveoli.
c) lungs.
d) bronchioles.

Air is forced into the lungs by the contraction of the
a) alveoli.
b) bronchioles.
c) diaphragm.
d) heart.

Which body system acts as a transportation system?
a) circulatory.
b) respiratory.
c) nervous.
d) excretory.

In the walls of the heart, there are two thin layers that form a sandwich around a thick layer of muscle called the
a) epithelial tissue layer.
b) pericardium.
c) connective tissue layer.
d) myocardium.

Which of the following are the smallest of the blood vessels?
a) arteries
b) veins
c) lymphatic cells
d) capillaries

Which of the following blood cells contain hemoglobin?
a) red blood cells
b) white blood cells
c) platelets
d) all of the above

The process by which oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged between cells, the blood, and air in the lungs is one type of
a) systemic circulation.
b) respiration.
c) emphysema.
d) cellular respiration.

What structure serves as a passageway for both air and food?
a) pharynx
b) trachea
c) larynx
d) bronchus

Generally speaking, what control breathing?
a) the brain
b) the lungs
c) the diaphragm
d) the heart

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