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The right of private ownership is −
a) protected by contracts with the force of law.
b) restricted to people age 18 and up.
c) not recognized in the Constitution.
d) denied if you are convicted of a felony.

Government agencies establish regulations to −
a) collect taxes and fees.
b) protect public health and safety.
c) satisfy the demands of Congress.
d) gain support for political parties.

If you join a CD music club and your CDs are not delivered after you pay for them, what can you do to try and get your problem solved?
a) Send them more money.
b) Take legal action.
c) Threaten the company’s customer service personnel.
d) Join a different club.

The Constitution of the United States guarantees individuals the right of private ownership. This right is protected by negotiated contracts, which are enforceable by −
a) public consent.
b) laws.
c) handshakes.
d) consumer sovereignty.

Fran has ordered a sweater for her sister from a catalog. She charges the price to her credit card, but the sweater never arrives and the catalog company refuses to send it to her. What can Fran do?
a) Have the catalog company's president arrested.
b) Seize the catalog company's property.
c) Sue the catalog company for fraud.
d) Have her Congressman shut down the catalog company.

If a product harms a consumer, what can the consumer legally do?
a) The consumer does not have any rights.
b) Have the government immediately shut down the company that made the product.
c) Take legal action against the company that made the product.
d) Arrest the store’s owner through the Citizen's Arrest Act of 1881.

People accept coins and currency issued by the United States government in exchange for goods and services because they −
a) have confidence in the government.
b) have no other type of money.
c) refuse to use personal checks.
d) can no longer barter.

A person uses a $20 bill to purchase an item at a craft show, illustrating that one reason the government issues money is to −
a) facilitate an exchange for goods and services.
b) increase the value of currency.
c) control inflation.
d) encourage global trade.

The three types of money used in the U.S. are coins, Federal Reserve notes (currency), and deposits in bank accounts that can be accessed by ___.
a) safety box combination.
b) personal banking key.
c) internet banking.
d) checks and debit cards.

The FED manages the amount of money in the economy to try to keep inflation ___.
a) low and unpredictable.
b) low and stable.
c) high and stable.
d) high and unpredictable.

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