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I'm a sugar molecule that is a major energy source for most cells.
a) Maltose
b) Sucrose
c) Glucose
d) Carbohydrate

I'm the process by which molecules spread out until they reach a state of balance or equal mixture.
a) Diffusion
b) Homeostasis
c) Passive transport
d) Osmosis

I'm a molecule that carries the instructions for growth and function of a cell.
a) Proteins
b) Carbohydrates
c) Nucleic Acids
d) Lipids

I'm the process that plant cells use to change sunlight into chemical energy.
a) Photosynthesis
b) Active transport
c) Chemical reaction
d) Cellular respiration

I'm the process of using energy to move materials through a membrane.
a) Active transport
b) Diffusion
c) Osmosis
d) Passive transport

I'm the process by which cells use oxygen to release energy stored in glucose.
a) Cellular respiration
b) Fermentation
c) Glycolysis
d) Photosynthesis

I'm the energy stored in the bonds between atoms of every molecule on Earth.
a) Chemical energy
b) Covalent bonds
c) Ionic bonds
d) Potential energy

I'm the diffusion of water through a membrane.
a) Osmosis
b) Diffusion
c) Fermentation
d) Passive transport

I'm the sugars made from carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen.
a) Carbohydrate
b) Proteins
c) Lipids
d) Starch

I'm made of amino acids, and I work to keep cells functioning properly.
a) Protein
b) Nucleotides
c) Nucleic acids
d) Ribosomes

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