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The Federal Communications Commission regulates which industry in the United States?
a) airlines
b) energy
c) television and radio broadcast stations
d) professional sports

The radio disc jockey on Z104 aired a portion of his/her broadcast that was inappropriate and against the law. Which governmental regulatory agency will most likely levy a fine and/or penalty against the radio station?
a) Federal Trade Commission
b) Federal Communications Commission
c) Consumer Protection Safety Commission
d) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

If the state of Virginia decided to buy and sell goods with a foreign company, which governmental regulatory agency would be required to approve the venture?
a) Environmental Protection Agency
b) Interstate Commerce Commission
c) Securities and Exchange Commission
d) Federal Trade Commission

What government regulatory agency monitors television programming?
a) Federal Communication Commission (FCC)
b) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
c) Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
d) North Atlantic Free Trade Organization (NAFTA)

All are ways the government promotes marketplace competition except −
a) encouraging businesses to start.
b) passing and enforcing laws in order to prevent monopolies.
c) participation in global trade.
d) limiting small business start-up loans.

Taxes and borrowed funds are two ways that the government provides −
a) vacations.
b) news conferences.
c) public goods and services.
d) bonuses.

Interstate highways, the United States military, and social services programs receive their funding from −
a) profits.
b) tax dollars.
c) private investors.

National Defense, Public Safety Officers, and the Postal Service are all examples of −
a) goods and services provided by the government.
b) private businesses that serve our communities.
c) goods and services we pay for on an as needed basis.
d) private businesses that are owned by individuals.

Public goods and services are those things the government provides for us because −
a) everybody needs them.
b) we are unable to provide them for ourselves.
c) there is a government budget surplus.
d) monetary policy is not working to promote economic growth.

The United States government provides certain public goods and services to many people because they −
a) would be available anyway.
b) are to be excluded by some when used by many.
c) would not be available if individuals had to provide them.
d) are written into the Declaration of Independence.

The government collects taxes to −
a) encourage investments.
b) provide public goods and services.
c) jump start a sluggish economy.
d) provide politicians' salaries.

The government produces public goods and services through −
a) taxes.
b) tariffs.
c) tax on imported goods.
d) interest payments.

The government pays for public goods and services through tax revenue, borrowed funds, and _____.
a) Trade
b) Donations
c) Fees
d) Bartering

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