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One reason for the outbreak of World War II was the
a) ineffectiveness of the League of Nations
b) growing tension between the United States and the Soviet Union
c) conflict between the Hapsburg and Romanov families
d) refusal of the German government to sign the Treaty of Versailles

Which of these World War II events happened first
a) Battle of Britain
b) D-Day invasion
c) invasion of Poland
d) dropping of an atomic bomb on Hiroshima

The Nuremberg laws are best described as
a) efforts of the Roman Catholic Church to punish heresy
b) major articles in the Declaration of the Rights of Man
c) specific laws contained in Justinian Code
d) anti-semitic laws of 20th century Germany

One reason the Japanese followed a policy of expansionism before World War II was to gain
a) warm water ports
b) control of Tibet
c) additional natural resources
d) control of the Suez Canal

What does appeasement mean?
a) Standing up to someone
b) Giving in to a person's demands
c) Fighting back
d) Being neutral

One reason Germany's invasion of Poland in 1939 was successful is that Poland
a) lacked natural barriers
b) was located along the North Sea
c) lacked natural resources
d) was close to the Balkans

The main reason Japan invaded Southeast Asia during World War II was to
a) recruit more men for its army
b) acquire supplies of oil and rubber
c) satisfy Japanese people's need for spices
d) prevent the United States from entering the war

Which was a characteristic of Germany under Adolf Hitler and the Soviet Union under Josef Stalin?
a) an official foreign policy of isolationism
b) governmental control of the media
c) public ownership of business and industry
d) the absence of a written constitution

The Holocaust is an example of
a) conflict between political parties
b) violations of human rights
c) limited technological development
d) geography's influence on culture

Which Which situation was a direct result of the Holocaust and other atrocities committed by the Nazis during World War II?
a) development of the Cold War
b) war crimes trials in Nuremberg
c) formation of the League of Nations
d) separation of Germany in to Eastern and Western zones

Which is a valid conclusion based on a study of the Holocaust
a) World opinion is effective in stopping genocide
b) Savage acts can be committed by an advanced society
c) People should not become involved in partisan politics
d) Military commanders cannot be held responsible for acts committed during wartime

Which event is most closely associated with the start of World War II in Europe
a) invasion of Poland by Nazi forces
b) signing of the Munich Agreement
c) building of the Berlin Wall
d) assassination of Archduke Franze Ferdinand

During World War II, which geographic features contributed most to the Soviet Union's defense against the German invasion?
a) deposits of many natural resources
b) size and climate
c) Atlantic ports and rivers
d) mountainous territory and desert areas

Which factor contributed most to the rise of totalitarian governments in Europe before World War II?
a) improved educational systems
b) expanding democratic reforms
c) increasing political stability
d) worsening economic conditions

One reason that Britain and France agreed to appease Hitler at the Munich Conference was to
a) prevent the start of another world war
b) stop the Nazis from invading the Soviet Union
c) obey an order from the League of Nations
d) obtain advanced German military weapons in exchange

The harsh terms included in the treaties ending World War I have been used to explain the
a) Fascist Revolution is Spain
b) Bolshevik Revolution in Russia
c) rise of Nazism in Germany
d) Armenian massacre in Turkey

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