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A big ______ landed at the airport.
a) plane
b) ferryboat
c) tunnel
d) sidecar

In the city, people can go to work on the ______.
a) subway
b) jetway
c) ferryboat
d) tunnel

Does grandma join Max and Uncle Bunny at Zeke's?
a) no
b) yes
c) maybe
d) i don't know

How many people can ride on Ruby's bicycle all together?
a) three
b) two
c) five
d) one

What does Ruby put on her bicycle built for two?
a) a sidecar
b) a cart
c) a basket
d) a flag

What does Max put on to get ready for his trip?
a) a cap
b) a jacket
c) his Junior Citizen Transport Pass
d) his shoes

What transportation did Max and Uncle Bunny take first?
a) ferryboat
b) bus
c) plane
d) car

Why does Ruby say no about the Whamburger?
a) because she was too tired
b) because they couldn't find it
c) It is too far away
d) she doesn't want to

What does Max want from Zeke's Palace of Ice Cream?
a) Whamburger
b) Ice Cream Cone
c) Ice cream Sundae
d) whompburger

The man's motorcycle had a _____ on it.
a) basket
b) tunnel
c) sidecar
d) flag

They took the _____ across the lake.
a) bus
b) ferryboat
c) train
d) tunnel

The car drove through a long ______.
a) train
b) tunnel
c) bus
d) road

People walked through the _____ to get into the plane.
a) jetway
b) tunnel
c) plane
d) subway

Color of the sun
a) yellow
b) hello
c) last
d) wellow

Color of the walls
a) blu
b) bleu
c) blue
d) nice

Color of the grass
a) geen
b) fun
c) far
d) green

Moving from one place to another
a) let
b) not
c) go
d) goe

indicating the point in space at which a journey, motion, or action starts
a) from
b) love
c) life
d) live

a place
a) here
b) heir
c) her
d) herre

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