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The event which began the universe was the
a) Milky Way
b) Black Hole
c) Big Bang
d) Electromagnetic Spectrum

according to the nebular theory, what caused the nebula to start spinning?
a) a medium-sized star
b) a supernova
c) white dwarf
d) a black hole

What is the diameter of the Milky Way?
a) about 10,000 years
b) about 200 million years
c) about 200 billion years
d) about 100,000 light years

What is the nearest part of the universe to Earth?
a) the Milky Way
b) the Solar System
c) Virgo Super Cluster
d) a galaxy

Small bodies that orbit planets are called
a) solar nebulas
b) moons
c) comets
d) suns

What is our solar system movement in our galaxy?
a) orbiting the center every 365 days
b) orbiting the center every 225 million years
c) orbiting the center every 200 billion days
d) The solar system does not move

Where is our solar system in the Milky Way galaxy?
a) on the edge
b) in the middle
c) 10,000 light years from the center
d) 26,000 - 30,000 light years from the center

What is the largest scale structure of the universe?
a) solar system
b) a filament structure
c) galaxy
d) super cluster

The universe began about
a) 10 million years ago
b) 1 billion years ago
c) 14 billion years ago
d) 50 billion years ago

What type of galaxy is the Milky Way?
a) elliptical
b) spherical
c) irregular
d) spiral

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