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What is the general area of science that studies living organisms
a) Chemistry
b) Life Science
c) Physics
d) Earth Science

What is the measurement of how much space an object occupies?
a) Density
b) Length
c) Area
d) Volume

What is the study of weather and the forces and processes that it causes?
a) Meteorology
b) Astronomy
c) Oceanography
d) Geology

What is the measure of the gravitational pull on the Earth?
a) mass
b) temperature
c) weight
d) force

What are the first 3 steps of the scientific method in order?
a) Collect information, make a plan, carry out the plan
b) Identify the problem, research the topic, make a hypothesis
c) Experiment, record results, and conclude by sharing
d) Identify the problem, make a hypothesis, research the topic

What is the measure of the amount of matter in an object?
a) volume
b) Newton
c) weight
d) mass

What is an explanation backed by results obtained from repeated tests or experiments called?
a) theory
b) law
c) scientific method
d) strategy

Grams are the SI unit for what measurement?
a) temperature
b) Length
c) Weight
d) Mass

What is a prediction about a problem that can be tested?
a) hypothesis
b) strategy
c) variable
d) control

What is a changeable factor in an experiment?
a) hypothesis
b) strategy
c) variable
d) control

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