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A research method that measures consumer behavior is
a) observational research
b) referring to computerized databases
c) holding a focus group session
d) conducting a survey or interview

A product that has no brand name, usually comes in a plain package or wrapper, and is often sold for less than a name brand product is a
a) generic
b) manufacturer's brand
c) store brand
d) regional brand

Kodak and Sony are examples of
a) global brands
b) national brands
c) manufacturer's brands
d) generics

A loss leader is
a) a very low-priced item used to attract customers
b) an attempt to create quality image for a product
c) an item sold at a discount during certain seasons
d) used to match the price of competitors

Movement of liquids between two connecting countries would be performed best by
a) pipeline
b) air carrier
c) railroad
d) waterway

Skim pricing occurs when
a) a new product is introduced and managers set a relatively high introductory price
b) a new product has competition and the price is set at a price similar to the competing products
c) a new product is introduced at a relatively low price to skim customers from the competitors
d) a new product is introduced at a price that includes a specific markup percentage over the cost of the product

All of the following are examples of a direct distribution channel except
a) a company sells goods to a wholesaler
b) a company sells its goods through its website on the Internet
c) a company sells its goods in its own retail outlets
d) all of these are examples of a direct distribution channel

All of the following are examples of specialty stores except
a) department store
b) toy store
c) jewelry store
d) camera store

All of the following are examples of retailers except
a) a paper manufacturer sells paper to printers for printing books for publishing companies
b) a family sells its own produce at a sidewalk stand in Costa Rica
c) a man sells fish he has caught from his boat in the bay in Hong Kong
d) a woman sells cosmetic products for a large manufacturer at private theme parties

An example of publicity is a
a) newspaper article about a new product
b) television commercial
c) contest to win a trip to another country
d) telephone sales message

An example of a push promotion would be
a) a discount for retailers
b) a television commercial
c) a contest for customers
d) telephone calls to offer customers a special discount

An example of standardized advertising would be
a) the use of one promotional approach in all geographic regions
b) television commercials created to communicate different messages for different target markets
c) advertising agencies that help small companies plan ads for different countries
d) maintaining the same ads for many years to help customers understand the benefits of a product

Identifying potential customers is commonaly called
a) prospecting
b) closing the sale
c) obtaining feedback
d) handling objections

The four main promotional activities are
a) advertising, personal selling, publicity, and sales promotion
b) none of these
c) coupons, contests, free samples, and in-store displays
d) television, radio, newspaper, and magazine advertisements

All of the following are examples of sales promotions except
a) sponsoring a little league team
b) offering a toy with a purchase of the company's product
c) attaching coupon dispensers on the grocery store shelves
d) distribution calendars that describe the company and its products.

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