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Marketing includes each of the following activities, except
a) manufacturing
b) packaging
c) advertising
d) shippping

An example of a commercial market is
a) a hospital
b) a family
c) a student
d) a household

A factor that could describe a nation's demographics is
a) educational level
b) political system
c) social values
d) technology

Buying influences, such as hobbies, family activities, interest, and opinions, are called
a) psychographics
b) demographics
c) personality traits
d) physical needs

Economic conditions in a country can affect a product's
a) all of these
b) selling price
c) consumer demand
d) profits

In the marketing mix, the element of product involves all of the following considerations, except
a) whether the product is a good or service
b) how local customs or attitudes affect the popularity of the product
c) how the product will be shipped to the customer
d) whether the product can be sold in a standardized form or will need to be adapted to local situations

In the marketing mix, the element of distribution involves all of the following considerations except
a) how to send products ordered from the company's web site on the Internet
b) where the product will be stored prior to shipping to another country
c) how the retailer will display the product after its received from the wholesaler

The marketing of services is usually similar to the marketing of goods except for
a) distribution
b) price
c) promotion
d) technological trends

An example of a consumer market is
a) people who like to buy expensive sports cars
b) people who want to rent office space to start a business
c) wholesalers who purchase goods to resell to retailers
d) companies that purchase parts for making radios

An example of a specialty good is
a) jewelry from well-known firms
b) toothpaste
c) a camera
d) a candy bar

Of the following items, the one that is not an example of secondary data is
a) a consumer behavior survey you will conduct
b) library index
c) published government report
d) computerized database available on the software market

Qualitative research is best conducted with
a) a focus group
b) an observational study
c) an experiment
d) secondary data

The stages a product goes through from the time it is introduced until it is taken off the market is called the
a) product life cycle (PLC)
b) marketing research process
c) product line assortment
d) new-product development process

A personal computer for home use is
a) a shopping good
b) a convenience good
c) a specialty good
d) an intangible good

Companies produce new products for all of the following reasons except
a) all of these are reasons for producing new products
b) sales decline because the product becomes obsolete
c) competitors enter the market and attract customers
d) old products become unpopular with customers

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