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Vocabulary And Characteristics Of Protista. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Animal-like protists are classified based on _____.
a) movement
b) shape
c) environment
d) types of food injested

____ are foot-like cytoplasmic extensions.
a) pseudopods
b) cilia
c) flagella
d) hyphae

A one-celled consumer with no cell wall is a/an ____.
a) protozoan
b) algae
c) diatom
d) slime mold

____ must absorb food from their surroundings.
a) fungus-like
b) animal-like
c) plant-like
d) animal-like and fungus-like

____ is an example of a ciliate.
a) Paramecium
b) Amoeba
c) Euglena
d) Diatom

Plant-like protists are known as ____.
a) algae
b) protozoans
c) saprophytes
d) cyanobacteria

An animal-like protist digests its food inside of ____.
a) a vacuole
b) the mitochondria
c) the macronucleus
d) the ER

____ produce spores for reproduction.
a) Fungus-like protists
b) Animal-like protists
c) Plant-like protists
d) Cyanobacteria

The ___ of the paramecium removes excess water.
a) contractile vacuole
b) macronucleus
c) oral groove
d) anal pore

When you see the word dinoflagellates, you know these organisms will have __ flagella.
a) two
b) one
c) three
d) four

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