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How much work is done when you push a sled across the snow with a force of 70.0 N for a displacement of 20.0 m?
a) 1400 W
b) 1400 J
c) 4100 J
d) 70 N

It takes a car 130 seconds to pull a trailer 5 m down the road and exerts a horizontal force of 7,000 N. At what power level is the car performing?
a) 269 W
b) 54 W
c) 269 J
d) 54 J

A crane can lift a 500 kg mass to height of 30 m in 2 minutes. The work done by the crane is: (*You must compute the force of the mass being lifted first)
a) 75,000 J
b) 30,000 J
c) 10,000 J
d) 150,000 J

How much work is done by a 500 Watt car engine in 10 minutes?
a) 300, 000 W
b) 3,000 J
c) 300,000 J
d) 5,000 J

What is a device that does work with only one movement and changes the size or direction of a force?
a) Compound Machine
b) Ideal Machine
c) Appliance
d) Simple Machine

The work output of a machine divided by the work input is the ______________ of the machine.
a) efficiency
b) effort
c) power
d) resistance

A machine that changes only the direction of a force has a mechanical advantage of:
a) a value equal to 2.
b) a value equal to 1.
c) a value greater than 1.
d) a value less than 1.

If trying to move a very heavy piece of furniture using a ramp should you choose a short ramp or a long ramp? Explain why.
a) The shorter ramp because it will reduce the distance to move the piano.
b) The shorter ramp becuase it will reduce the distance and force needed to move the piano.
c) The longer ramp because it will reduce the force needed to move the piano.
d) The longer ramp because it will increase the distance and the force needed to move the piano.

The mechanical advantage of a pulley system is equal to the number of:
a) fixed pulleys in the system.
b) Sections of rope pulling up on the object.
c) moveable pulleys in the system
d) none of these

How does using a pulley make moving heavy objects easier?
a) doubles the force required to lift the object
b) decreases the force required to lift the object
c) decreases the force required and changes the direction of the force needed to lift the object
d) changes the direction fo the force needed to lift the object

You are debating buying a new can opener. This particular can opener requires 2,000 J of work to begin opening the can and it does 500 J of work. How efficient is this can opener?
a) 25%
b) 0.25 %
c) 4 %
d) 400 %

A bottle cap is an example of what simple machine?
a) Wedge
b) Inclined Plane
c) Screw
d) It is not an example of a simple machine

How is a wedge like an inclined plane?
a) It is an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder
b) It is two inclined planes put back to back
c) They are not related
d) An inclined plane is two wedges put back to back

Which is an example of a wheel and axle?
a) shovel
b) seesaw
c) crow bar
d) water faucet knob

Something that reduces the friction of moving something:
a) Lever
b) Weel and Axle
c) Screw
d) Pulley

Something that holds things together or is used to lift something:
a) Screw
b) Wedge
c) Pulley
d) Inclined Plane

Something that can split an object apart:
a) Lever
b) Wedge
c) Inclined Plane
d) Seesaw

A ramp:
a) Lever
b) Wedge
c) Wheel and axle
d) Inclined Plane

Something that uses a rope and can change the direction of a force:
a) Lever
b) Wheel and Axle
c) Pulley
d) Screw

Something similar to a see-saw that can lift an object:
a) Lever
b) Inclined Plane
c) Wedge
d) Pulley

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