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An arrangement of elements in columns, based on properties that repeat from row to row is called a:
a) element table of properties
b) periodic graph of elements
c) table of element properties
d) periodic table of elements

Within his periodic table, Mendeleev was able to show that the mass of each element in a column:
a) increased
b) decreased
c) stayed constant
d) fluctuated

By arranging the cards of elements into rows of increasing mass, Mendeleev could align the elements with similar properties into the same:
a) index
b) quadrant
c) table
d) column

When Mendeleev completed labeling his cards, in what order did he line them up?
a) increasing mass
b) increasing volume
c) increasing density
d) increasing weight

On his cards of the elements, under properties, Mendeleev paid special attention to list how each element behaved in reactions with:
a) oxygen and nitrogen
b) oxygen and helium
c) oxygen and argon
d) oxygen and hydrogen

Which of the following was information Mendeleev did not list on his of deck of cards?
a) element name
b) element mass
c) element properties
d) element number

Which card game did Mendeleev use to solve his problem with the periodic table?
a) cribbage
b) solitaire
c) hearts
d) poker

With Mendeleev trying to describe the 63 element for his textbook, he was actually looking for the best way to:
a) title the textbook
b) organize the information
c) construct the index
d) determine chapter names

Mendeleev's periodic table came from a result of his work when trying to describe 63 elements for his:
a) research paper
b) oral presentation
c) chemistry textbook
d) experiment

Ultimately, Mendeleev placed the elements into groups based on what ________________ they formed with oxygen or hydrogen.
a) molecule
b) atom
c) compound
d) polymer

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