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In a closed system, what is able to enter & leave?
a) mass
b) mass & energy
c) energy
d) all choices

All of the physical features of the earth except water make up the....
a) hydrosphere
b) geosphere
c) biosphere
d) ionisphere

The living things on the planet make up the
a) biosphere
b) geosphere
c) atmosphere
d) hydrosphere

Water that is evaporated or breathed out (transpired) by plants is called
a) evaporation
b) precipitation
c) transpiration
d) runoff

The amount of the sun's energy that is reflected by the earth is called
a) glare
b) albedo
c) transpiration
d) thermodynamics

Which is powered by geothermal energy?
a) volcanoes
b) geysers
c) earthquakes
d) all choices

Which is considered an acid?
a) pH of 7
b) pH greater than 7
c) pH less than 7
d) all choices

About how much of the carbon released by burning fossil fuels is removed by ocean phytoplankton?
a) 10%
b) 20%
c) 30%
d) 40%

What rock is made from calcium carbonate, the major component of seashells?
a) granite
b) pumice
c) limestone
d) obsidian

According to the Conservation of Mass, the mass you start with in an experiment should be
a) less than the mass of the product you create
b) more than the mass of the product you create
c) equal to the mass of the product you create
d) less or more than the mass of the product you create, depending on the experiment

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