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Opens the Bounce in Place dialog box
a) B
b) Control-B
c) S
d) Control-S

Renders selected regions into a new region
a) J
b) Command-J
c) N
d) Command-N

Repeats selected regions or events
a) R
b) Command-R
c) E
d) Command-E

Opens a Piano Roll window
a) P
b) Command-4
c) Command-2
d) R

Shows or hides the MIDI Draw Area
a) Command-Y
b) Y
c) M
d) Command-M

Shows or hides the List Editors
a) N
b) E
c) F
d) D

Opens the Browsers area
a) N
b) E
c) F
d) D

Opens the Score Editor
a) S
b) E
c) N
d) F

Opens the Editors area
a) S
b) E
c) N
d) F

Inserts an empty section between the locators
a) E
b) Z
c) Control-Command-E
d) Control-Command-Z

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