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Which of the following cases would be heard in the VA Court System?
a) A disagreement between Virginia and Maryland
b) A case involving foreign diplomats
c) A case with a person from California
d) A murder committed nearing Rolling Road in Springfield

Which is the only court in the Virginia Court System to have a judge AND a jury?
a) Circuit court
b) U.S. Court of Appeals
c) General District Court
d) VA Court of Appeals

John was arrested and found guilty for a felony of armed robbery. He appealed his case, which court would hear his case?
a) U.S. District COurt
b) Circuit Court
c) VA Court of Appeals
d) General District COurt

Marbury v. Madison established the principal of:
a) Separation of powers
b) Judicial Review
c) Due Process
d) Federal Review

A tree fell on your neighbor's house and would cost $5,000 for her to repair. If she sued you for damages, which court would hear this case?
a) U.S. Supreme Court
b) U.S. District Court
c) VA Circuit Court
d) VA General District Court

Which federal court is the only court in the FEDERAL COURT SYSTEM to have a judge AND a jury?
a) U.S District Court
b) U.S. Court of Appeals
c) U.S. Supreme COurt
d) General District Court

The federal court system has three courts: District Court, __________, and U.S Supreme Court. Which court would correctly fill in the blank?
a) VA Court of Appeals
b) Circuit COurt
c) U.S. Court of Appeals
d) General District Court

What is the highest court in the U.S. Court System?
a) VA Supreme Court
b) U.S. District Court
c) U.S Circuit Court
d) U.S Supreme Court

Who is responsible for interpreting the U.S. Constitution?
a) Executive Branch
b) Bar Association
c) Legislative Branch
d) U.S. Supreme Court

Judge, no jury; original jurisdiction over misdemeanors. What court is the list describing?
a) General District Court
b) Circuit Court
c) U.S. District Court
d) Juvenile and Family Relations Court

Which federal court has both limited original and appellate jurisdiction?
a) VA Circuit Court
b) U.S. Supreme Court
c) U.S District Court
d) U.S. Appellate Court

The United States courts are known as -
a) Bicameral legislature
b) Dual court system
c) Federalism
d) Trilateral Court

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