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The independent variable in an experiment is:
a) the variable that is changed
b) the variable being measured
c) the variable that is kept the same
d) the variable that is independent of all other variables

A hypothesis is:
a) a prediction, or statement that can be tested
b) the information gathered during an experiment
c) a fact that is published
d) the variable that is being tested

The correct order of the Scientific Method is:
a) Recognize Problem-Form Hypothesis-Test Hypothesis-Analyze Data-Conclusion-Communicate
b) Recognize Problem-Form Hypothesis-Communicate-Test Hypothesis-Analyze Data-Conclusion
c) Form Hypothesis-Test Hypothesis-Analyze Data-Recognize Problem-Conclusion-Communicate
d) Form Hypothesis--Analyze Data-Recognize Problem-Test Hypothesis-Conclusion-Communicate

An explanation supported by facts is a:
a) theory
b) law
c) problem
d) hypothesis

The dependent variable is:
a) the variable being measured
b) the variable that is changed
c) the variable that is kept the same
d) the variable that is independent of all other variables

The application of science to make products or tools that people can use is:
a) technology
b) manufacturing
c) biomedical science
d) investigative research

A constant in an experiment is:
a) a variable that stays the same during an experiment
b) a sample treated like other experimental groups
c) an experiment that does not change
d) a variable that changes during the experiment

The process used to investigate what is happening around us in order to solve problems or answer questions and that is part of everyday life is:
a) science
b) technology
c) chemistry
d) biology

Descriptive Research can be used:
a) to investigate when experiments would be impossible to perform
b) when a lab experiment is run
c) when a scientist does not have the right equipment
d) only by professional scientists

A sample treated like othe experimental groups except that the independent variable is not applied to it is:
a) The control
b) The constant
c) The independent variable
d) The dependent variable

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