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Which of the following is another name for the alimentary canal?
a) gastrointestinal tract
b) aliment digestive organs
c) ingestion tube
d) gasteroutero tract

Which of the following is NOT an alimentary canal organ?
a) mouth
b) pharynx
c) pancreas
d) stomach

Which of the following is NOT an accessory organ to the digestive system?
a) liver
b) pharynx
c) salivary glands
d) gall bladder

The fleshy fingerlike projection of the soft palate is known as the
a) labia
b) lingual frenulum
c) vestibule
d) uvula

Which of the following is NOT a section of the pharynx?
a) esophagopharynx
b) nasopharynx
c) laryngopharynx
d) oropharynx

Which of the following correctly lists the four layers of the alimentary canal starting with the lumen and working outward?
a) serosa, muscularis externis, submucosa, mucosa
b) mucosa, submucosa, muscularis externa, serosa
c) muscularis externa, submucosa, mucosa, serosa
d) mucosa, submucosa, muscularis interna, serosa

The sphincter at the top of the stomach is known as the ___.
a) pyloric sphincter
b) ileocecal valve
c) cardiovascular sphincter
d) cardioesophageal sphincter

The folds of the mucosa in the stomach are known as _____. These folds enable the stomach to swell when full and collapse when empty.
a) rugae
b) phylora
c) fundus
d) serosa

The ____ cells produce protein digesting enzymes called pepsinogens.
a) parietal
b) chief
c) gastric
d) enteroendocrine

The cells that produce HCl in the stomach are the ____. HCl activates the other enzymes in the stomach.
a) parietal
b) chief
c) gastric
d) enteroendocrine

After food passes through the stomach it resembles a heavy cream and is called ____.
a) feces
b) bolus
c) chyme
d) gastrin

The valve found between the stomach and the duodenum is known as the ____.
a) cardioesophageal sphincter
b) pyloric sphincter
c) duodenum sphincter
d) ileocecal valve

The three regions of the small intestine from superior to inferior order are:
a) duodenum, jejunum, ileum
b) duodenum, ileum, jejunum
c) ileum, duodenum, jejunum
d) jejunum, duodenum, ileum

The pancreatic juices and bile are secreted into this portion of the small intestine.
a) jejunum
b) duodenum
c) cecum
d) ileum

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the small intestine that enables it to better absorb nutrients?
a) It contains villi.
b) It contains microvilli.
c) It is shorter than the large intestine.
d) It has folds in the mucosa to increase surface area.

The organ that is largely responsible for absorption of water and Vitamin K is the
a) large intestine
b) jejunum
c) stomach
d) ileum

Which of the following is NOT a portion of the large intestine that feces passes through?
a) ascending colon
b) sigmoid colon
c) appendix
d) cecum

Which of the following is NOT a type of teeth found in humans?
a) canines
b) incisors
c) premolars
d) divisors

The enzyme that begins starch breakdown in the mouth is ___.
a) pepsinogens
b) salivary gastrin
c) salivary amylase
d) salivary endolase

Which of the following has an INCORRECT pairing of the process and its description?
a) paristalsis: wavelike contractions to move food through tract
b) propulsion: moving food back and forth inside of the stomach
c) segmentation: moves food back and forth inside of the small intestine
d) ingestion: taking food into the mouth

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