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Idek picks on Elie's father because
a) Shlomo won't give him his bread
b) he doesn't like the way Shlomo looks
c) Shlomo doesn't work fast enough
d) Shlomo can't march in step

It is a great risk for the French girl to try and encourage Elie after he is beaten because:
a) No one knows that she can speak German
b) No one knows that she is Jewish
c) No one knows that she's pretending to be Aryan
d) All of the above

When Idek falls into a fit of rage one day and beats Elie, who helps him?
a) No one
b) A French Jewess
c) His dad
d) Yossi and Tibi

What is A-7713?
a) Elie's home address in Sighet.
b) Elie's identification number tattooed on his arm.
c) the mark of those about to be cremated
d) the name of the camp

Elie is glad that he didn't pass himself as a strong man at Auschwitz because the SS would have made him
a) work in the rock quarry
b) carry bricks
c) become a Kapo
d) burn the bodies of the Jews in the crematoria

Dr. Mengele was
a) in charge of the selection at Auschwitz
b) was one of the worst Nazi criminals
c) in charge of the experiments performed on the prisoners
d) all of the above

When the Jews first enter Auschwitz, they smell
a) garbage
b) rotting corpses
c) homemade soup
d) burning flesh

Madame Schacter becomes hysterical on the train, thinking she can see
a) her sons being shot
b) a fire
c) an ocean of blood
d) Heaven opening up

Elie wants to study the
a) Talmud
b) Koran
c) Kabbala
d) Mein Kampf

On board the train to Auschwitz, the passengers suffer from
a) thirst and hunger
b) overcrowding
c) having to stand up
d) all of the above

When the novel begins, Elie is ____ years old
a) 10
b) 11
c) 12
d) 13

What does a German rule require the Jews to wear to identify themselves as Jewish?
a) Striped clothes
b) Yellow star
c) A yarmulke
d) A number in large print

How did the situation with Rabbi Eliahou affect Elie?
a) Elie is afraid he may be tempted to leave his father behind as the Rabbi's son left him behind.
b) Elie didn't believe his stories about what was happening to the Jews.
c) His food tasted like corpses after watching the Rabbi being hung.
d) The Rabbi told Elie to leave his father behind and just worry about himself.

What happened to Yossi and Tibbi's family?
a) They were sent to a different camp.
b) They were exterminated in Birkenau.
c) They are in the camp with the boys.
d) They were forced on a death march.

Who is Idek?
a) A. The Kapo who had fits of rage
b) B. He whipped Elie 25 times
c) C. Elie's Cousin
d) D. Both A and B

Who is the main character and narrator?
a) Moishe the Beadle
b) Idek
c) Shlomo
d) Elie

The only time Elie weeps during a hanging occurs when the victim is
a) his father
b) his friend, Juliek
c) the rabbi
d) the young pipel

What army was getting close to the camps?
a) Russian
b) Italian
c) German
d) British

In his last breath, Shlomo said _____, which is Hebrew for God Will Help.
a) Haifa
b) Kaddish
c) Cabala
d) Eliezer

Elie imagines a universe without
a) sirens
b) barbed wire
c) chimneys
d) bells

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