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What is the least likely purchase motivation in a B2B market?
a) building social networks
b) increasing brand awareness
c) gaining new customers
d) improving employee morale

Alex is marketing sponsorships that begin at $20 million for a 4-year period. Because of the cost he wants to target firms with at least 10,000 employees. This type of B2B segmentation is based on
a) organiztional size
b) industry or category membership
c) sponsorship type
d) geographic location

Kelsey is looking for business partners for the sports property she manages located in Jacksonville, Florida. She wants to locate businesses within a 50 mile radius of Jacksonville. This type of B2B segmentation is based on
a) geographic location
b) sponsorship type
c) organizational size
d) industry or category membership

Tom received 4 tickets from his boss to the Dallas Cowboys football game for the excellent work he performed on a contract bid for a local Dallas business. This is an example of a B2B sports consumption decision based on
a) internal objectives
b) marketing objectives
c) personal objectives
d) societal objectives

Victoria has played tennis since she was 9 years old. When an opportunity came to sponsor the local college tennis team, Victoria immediately signed the company up for the sponsorship. Out of the 40 employees in the company, only one employee other t
a) personal objectives
b) marketing objectives
c) internal objectives
d) societal objectives

Jordan usually attends one or two basketball games a year. He received a phone call from the Minnesota Timberwolves offering him a 35% discount if he purchased a season ticket or a 20% discount on a 20-game package. This is an example of the Timberwo
a) appealing to light users
b) appealing to heavy users
c) expanding the geographic footprint
d) appealing to the motivations of buyers

The St. Louis Cardinals baseball team decided to market sponsorship opportunities to states outside of Missouri where the team is located. This is an example of the Cardinals using a segmentation approach of
a) expanding the geographic footprint
b) appealing to heavy users
c) appealing to light users
d) appealing to the motivations of buyers

80% of consumers
a) have 80% spending power
b) buy 20% of items sold
c) are high-end users
d) are of no interest to marketers

High-end users
a) create 80% of all sales
b) create 20% of all sales
c) are hard to sell to
d) are the toughest to reach

a) give the highest quality of data
b) can only be gathered through secondary sources
c) are very cheap to gain
d) Are not helpful

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