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Which of the following questions is least useful when segmenting consumer audiences?
a) What product attributes are important to our customers?
b) What are the descriptive characteristics of our customers?
c) What benefits do our customers seek?
d) What behaviors do our customers exhibit?

Demographic characteristics of a market segment include the following except
a) social class
b) gender
c) ethnicity
d) family life cycle stage

Socioeconomic characteristics of a market segment include the following except
a) family life cycle stage
b) occupation
c) education level
d) social class

Sociodemographic characteristics are used to describe market segments for the following reasons except
a) they provide accurate descriptions of a sports property's target market
b) they are easy to understand
c) they are relatively easy to measure
d) most of the info can be obtained from secondary data

Through research of users, Kyle found that one target market for his sports property was primarily males in the 30-50 age group with children in their teens or out of the home already. These descriptors would be classified as
a) demographic
b) geopgraphic
c) socioeconomic
d) psychographic

Through research of users, Becky found that 70% of season ticket holders lived within 30 miles of the stadium and 40% lived within three different counties. These descriptors would best be classified as
a) geographic
b) demographic
c) socioeconomic
d) psychographic

Through research of users, Zach found that 65% of season ticket holders had household incomes of $100,000 or more and had a college degree. These descriptors would be classified as
a) socioeconomic
b) demographic
c) geographic
d) psychographic

Michelle is designing an advertisement for a sports brand. The segment she wants to target views sports as meeting social needs. She should most likely feature any of the following in her ad except
a) fans receiving special discounts at concessions
b) images of tailgating
c) in-game activities involving fan participation
d) groups of fans talking, cheering, and laughing

Kevin enjoys playing tennis and racquetball. He also has an interest in camping and hiking. These characteristics of Kevin are classified as
a) psychographic variables
b) demographic data
c) geographic variables
d) socioeconomic data

Psychographic variables classify individuals using the following except
a) social class
b) personal values
c) hobbies and interests
d) lifestyle

Usage rate segmentation is rooted in the concept of the 80/20 rule, which suggests that
a) 20% of the customers generate 80% of the revenue and profit
b) 80% of the customers are season ticket holders while 20% attend only one game a year
c) 20% of the customers attend more than one game a year while 80% only attend one game a year
d) ) 80% of the customers generate 20% of the revenue and profit

Business-to-business customers for sports properties include the following except
a) government entities
b) corporate sponsors
c) advertising partners
d) nonprofit organizations

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