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when you measure how far something travels in a certain amount of time you measure the
a) weight
b) height
c) speed
d) distance

The type of friction that helps a parachute float slowly to Earth
a) streamlining
b) air resistance
c) rolling friction
d) sliding friction

Rolling friction occurs between one flat surface and another surface that is
a) flat
b) round
c) rigid
d) smooth

To reduce sliding friction on the moving parts of a machine, you could add
a) sand
b) oil
c) rocks
d) chains

what makes a falling object accelerate as it gets closer to Earth?
a) gravity
b) friction
c) weight
d) force

If things are far apart, they have _________ attraction
a) more
b) equal
c) louder
d) less

The closer things are the _______________ the attraction
a) less
b) greater
c) equal
d) louder

A measure of force that gravity exerts on an object is
a) weight
b) gravity
c) tons
d) friction

forces work in
a) pairs
b) groups
c) construction zones
d) unison

An object will keep moving until something
a) picks it up
b) slows it down
c) tells it to stop
d) speeds it up

The tendency of an object to stay at rest is called
a) weight
b) lazy
c) Newton
d) inertia

When you change your direction of movement, you change your
a) motion
b) mass
c) velocity
d) gravity

The rate that a car's velocity changes is its
a) force
b) acceleration
c) friction
d) speed

Velocity includes both
a) speed and direction
b) direction and time
c) distance and speed
d) gravity and mass

If you want a machine to reduce air resistance, then you do what to it?
a) push it
b) motivate it
c) dance with it
d) streamline

A push or a pull is an example of
a) force
b) mass
c) speed
d) air resistance

How does friction affect inertia ?
a) speeds it up
b) slows it down
c) has no affect
d) makes it smile

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