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Jackie had a glass of juice, which was 6/8 of a cup full. She drank 1/3 of her juice, how much juice was left?
a) 2/8 cup
b) 6/24 cup
c) 2 1/4 cup
d) 1/4 cup

How many degrees in a full circle?
a) 360
b) 200
c) 450
d) 35

How many degrees in a half circle?
a) 50
b) 48
c) 180
d) 27

What does an altitude gauge measure?
a) the length of something
b) the height of something
c) the width of something
d) how fast something goes

How do you find the average of a set of numbers?
a) Add all of the numbers, in the set, together to get a total, divide total by the amount of numbers in the set.
b) Guess what the middle would be.
c) Add all of the numbers together.
d) Add all of the numbers, in the set, together and divide the total by 3.

How do you find the average of 4 numbers?
a) Add the numbers together and divide by 4.
b) Add the numbers together and divide by 2.
c) Add the numbers together to get the sum.
d) Estimate the average by looking at the numbers.

Which of the following is a rocket part?
a) cylinder
b) nose cone
c) front
d) back

The name of the angle that is smaller than 90 degrees.
a) teeny tiny angle
b) little
c) acute
d) cute angle

If four people equally share 3/4 of a lb of chocolate, how many ounces will each person get if there are 16 oz in a pound?
a) 12 oz
b) 3 oz
c) 48 oz
d) 2 lb

Find the average of the following numbers; 11,22,35,12
a) 43
b) 80
c) 20
d) 52

The controls of an expiriment are the factors that are...
a) correct
b) changed
c) off
d) controlled

If something measures 9 meters, how many centimeters would it be?
a) 90
b) 900
c) 95
d) 2

Altitude is...
a) how you feel about something
b) the weight of an object
c) the height of an object
d) the distance an object goes.

How many degrees in a circle?
a) 180
b) 45
c) 90
d) 360

The name of the units that angles are measure in.
a) inches
b) feet
c) degrees
d) centimeters

The name of an angle that is larger than 90 degrees.
a) big
b) obtuse
c) acute
d) right

If a rocket has 3 fins how many degrees apart must each fin be to make it equally spaced?
a) 50 degrees
b) 20 degrees
c) 120 degrees
d) 30 degrees

The name of the tool that is used to measure angles.
a) protractor
b) ruler
c) tape measure
d) angle

What is an independent variable?
a) A variable that is a final measurement.
b) A variable that can be alone.
c) A variable that can be changed.
d) The altitude of a rocket.

The name of an angle that is less than 90 degrees
a) acute
b) obtuse
c) right
d) 45

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