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Frank Abignale
a) is still in jail
b) is a handwriting expert
c) made millions as a counterfeitor
d) kidnapped the Lindberg child

Forensic science is mainly concerned with discovering evidence that:
a) will win at trial
b) always proves guilt
c) will prove innocence
d) stands as a fact

The dye that make a brown M&M is
a) only brown
b) blue red and yellow
c) blue orange and green
d) violet and orange

A verbal testimony from a forensic scientist must also include
a) the proper documentation
b) none of these choices
c) video of all lab tests
d) video of the crime scene

forensic examiner must be able to:
a) identify the evidence
b) All choices
c) determine the significance of the evidence
d) record the evidence

A person who can recall what they have seen is an:
a) eyewitness
b) court reporter
c) personal observer
d) juror

Investigators must sort fact from ____ when questioning a witness
a) observation
b) None of these choices
c) opinion
d) perception

A crime scene is usually searched using a
a) map
b) grid
c) timeline
d) drug dog

Perception is that we
a) believe we see and hear, even though our ability to be accurate is flawed
b) believe we see, even though our ability to be accurate is flawed
c) believe we hear, even though our ability to be accurate is flawed
d) None of the above

What an eyewitness observes depends on their level of:
a) interest
b) stress
c) concentrations and the amount and kind of distractions that are present
d) all of these choices

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