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Water is lost from the bodies in forms of ____ and _______.
a) sweat and energy
b) energy and liquid waste
c) liquid waste and sweat
d) water and sweat

Animals need what gas in the air to live?
a) fuel
b) energy
c) oxygen
d) gas

Animals get food by eating _______ or _____ or both.
a) plants or bugs
b) bugs or animals
c) plants or animals
d) food or bugs

Inner needs send signals to the _____________ which makes an organism respond.
a) tongue
b) nose
c) lungs
d) brain

Water animals breath through what?
a) ears
b) gills
c) lungs
d) nose

What is is called when an organism rest or sleeps through the cold winter?
a) hibernate
b) reproduction
c) organism
d) migrate

What is it called when an organism moves some place warmer in response to cold weather?
a) hibernate
b) reproduction
c) organism
d) migrate

Animals use oxygen to get _______ from food.
a) liquid waste
b) sweat
c) energy
d) shelter

A living thing that doesn't make its own food is a(n) __________.
a) consumer
b) organism
c) environment
d) reproduction

Land animals take in oxygen through what?
a) gills
b) ears
c) lungs
d) arms

Why do animals find shelter?
a) to stay safe
b) to eat food
c) it is a fun place
d) to drink water

Living things get what from their food?
a) energy
b) oxygen
c) air
d) shelter

Putting on a jacket in cold weather is a response to a change in the ________.
a) climate
b) weather
c) environment
d) respond

Water helps animals in every way EXCEPT ___________.
a) to help stay cool
b) to get rid of body waste
c) to use food as fuel
d) to help stay warm

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