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why does japan have low growth?
a) japans economy is already developed and robust
b) japans economic reporting is faulty
c) india provided japan with loans for factories
d) japan has borowed vast amounts of money from china?

a problem with japans economy is
a) lack of natural resources
b) lack of trading partners
c) too much land
d) too much money

which nation has lowest lit rate?
a) india
b) japan
c) china
d) vietnam

which statement is true?
a) japan has higher gdp and higher lit rate
b) japan has lower lit rate but higher gdp
c) china has lower lit rate but higher gdp
d) there is no relationship...EVER!!!!!

why tariff or quota?
a) to protect domestic jobs
b) to make goods cheaper
c) to expand markets
d) to stimulate the economy

during war which is used
a) embargo
b) quota
c) subsidy
d) tariff

an import quote is a
a) legal limit on imports
b) tax on imports
c) no more trading
d) legal limit on exports

why is system of currency exchange needed?
a) there must be a way to pay for goods in different countries
b) nearly all world currencies are worthless
c) they only accept gold and silver
d) they only use us dollars

a tariff is tax on
a) imports
b) exports
c) food
d) services

one country is more market and other is more closed, both powerful militaries
a) north korea and china
b) india and japan
c) china and india
d) china and japan

which definition is best for market
a) prices determined by buyers and sellers
b) goods sold in large stores
c) gov decides
d) gov decides more

its the worlds second largest econ
a) japan
b) india
c) vietnam
d) north korea

one of only few commands still left
a) north korea
b) japan
c) india
d) vietnam

gov owns all
a) command
b) market
c) traditional
d) new

which nation is best example of mixed
a) india
b) vietnam
c) north korea
d) china

changes in chinas economy...
a) china's shift to greater market
b) chinas isolation
c) increased reliance on command
d) chinas economic stagnation

the north korea gov controls every aspect
a) command
b) traditional
c) market
d) mixed

which nations economy could be considered command
a) north korea
b) australia
c) india
d) japan

in a command economy, how is it determined what goods and services will be produced
a) central gov planning decides what will be produced
b) busineses decide
c) consumers decide
d) supply and demand

why does india rank at the bottom?
a) lit rate 65%
b) big population
c) big land area
d) government type

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