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A transverse plane divides the body into _______ segments.
a) equal right and left
b) anterior and posterior
c) superior and inferior
d) unequal right and left

Anatomical position is:
a) body erect, facing forward, feet parallel, and arms at the sides, palms facing forward
b) a term used by artists referring to facing front and posing.
c) body is lying prone (face down) with feet parallel and arms by the sides.
d) body is erect, facing forward, feet parallel, arms at the sides,palms facing backward.

The cheeks are ____ to the tongue
a) lateral
b) proximal
c) medial
d) dorsal

Femoral, popliteal and sural all refer to areas found on the posterior surface of the:
a) gluteal region
b) head and neck
c) hand and fingers
d) lower limb

Homeostasis is:
a) carried on only by the endocrine system and the nervous system.
b) the body's ability to maintain absolutely stable internal conditions
c) having homeostatic control mechanisms made up of at least two parts: receptor , effector.
d) are negative feedback mechanisms, which tend to keep body functions within a narrow range.

The axillary region is in the
a) back of the knee
b) mouth
c) armpit
d) shoulder

Metabolism is:
a) broad term that refers to all the chemical reactions that occur in the body.
b) where larger structures are made from smaller ones (synthesis).
c) breaking down ingested food into simple molecules that can then be absorbed into the blood for delivery to all body cells.
d) the chemical reactions where large molecules are broken down into smaller ones.

Positive feedback control mechanisms are _______ rare than negative feedback mechanisms and tend to _______ the original stimulus.
a) more; decrease
b) more; increase
c) less; decrease
d) less; have no effect on

The _______ is the body's slow-acting control system and acts by means of _______.
a) endocrine system; hormones
b) muscular system; contraction
c) lymphatic system; lymphocytes and macrophages
d) nervous system; hormones

Drawing of a section through the human body that shows the heart and both of the lungs, could be in which of the following planes?
a) transverse
b) transverse and frontal
c) frontal
d) midsaggital

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