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The Treaty of Versailles was Europe's way to punish _____ after WWI.
a) Austria-Hungary
b) The Ottoman Empire
c) Germany
d) Bulgaria

The U.S. declared this at the start of WWI.
a) Neutrality
b) Independence
c) Allegiance to the Central Powers
d) Mobilzation

What weapon technologies led to a loss of life in WWI
a) the atomic bomb
b) the musket
c) u-boats, planes, tanks, gas
d) none of the above

President Wilson's plan for undoing the MAIN causes of WWI was The:
a) Fourteen Points
b) Fifteen Points
c) Treaty of Versailles
d) Treat of Ghent

The War Guilt Clause stated Germany had to pay money for being found guilty of causing WWI.
a) True
b) False

What was the aftermath of WWI in Germany?
a) Economic Depression
b) Loss of troops
c) Blamed for WWI
d) All of the above

The superpowers responded to the Great Depression by using LESS government involvement.
a) True
b) False

The U.S. response to the Great Depression was FDR's _______ Deal.
a) Raw
b) Old
c) New
d) Wonder

________ led the Fascist movement in Italy with his Black Shirt supporters.
a) Hirohito
b) Stalin
c) Hitler
d) Mussolini

Movement in Russia/Soviet Union led by Stalin and Lenin.
a) Communism
b) Fascism
c) Nazism
d) Mercantilism

Which type of government didn't allow free speech to its people?
a) totalitarian
b) democratic
c) republic
d) constitutional monarchy

They tried to improve working conditions during the industrial revolution.
a) division of labor
b) local police
c) labor unions
d) factory owners

In 1904, Japan defeated Russia in the _____-Japanese War to become a world power.
a) Russo
b) Sino
c) Austro
d) Franco

The Open Door Policy set rules for equal colonization in _______.
a) India
b) Japan
c) China
d) Australia

The Berlin Conference set for the division of __________.
a) Asia
b) South America
c) Africa
d) Antarctica

The ______ Rebellion tried to rid China of all foreign influence
a) Sepoy
b) Boer
c) Boxer
d) Zulu

The soldiers who fought the British in India were involved in the _______ Rebellion.
a) Sepoy
b) Zulu
c) Taiping
d) Boxer

The _____________ wanted to rid their country/countries of all European influence
a) Sepoy
b) Boxers
c) Zulu
d) All of the above

The __________ justified the U.S. getting involved with Cuba during the Spanish-American War.
a) Monroe Doctrine
b) Roosevelt Corollary
c) The Berlin Conference
d) The Conference of Vienna

The explosion on the USS _________ was a cause which led to the Spanish-American War.
a) Missouri
b) Mississippi
c) Montana
d) Maine

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