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What kind of fault is associated with tension stress?
a) Reverse
b) Normal
c) Transform
d) Strike-slip

What kind of rock forms from the accumulation of sediments?
a) Sedimentary rock
b) Metamorphic rock
c) Igneous rock
d) Crystal rock

What kind of boundary will result in the formation of a mountain?
a) Convergent
b) Transform
c) Divergent
d) Strike-slip

Which of the following is NOT a fossil fuel?
a) Coal
b) Slate
c) Oil
d) Natural Gas

A boundary where the two plates are moving apart.
a) Divergent
b) Epicenter
c) Convergent
d) Transform

How many seismograph stations are needed to determine the origin of an earthquake?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

What is the name of the type of stress associated with a transform boundary?
a) Tension
b) Epicenter
c) Compression
d) Shearing

What is the type of boundary where two plates slowly grind past eachother?
a) Transform
b) Divergent
c) Convergent
d) Normal

Which of the following is NOT a means of classifying minerals?
a) Luster
b) Cleavage
c) Hardness
d) Type of rock

The type of rock that forms from cooling magma or lava.
a) Sedimentary
b) Igneous
c) Metamorphic
d) Marble

What is the Ring of Fire?
a) A volcano chain in the Hawaiian Islands
b) An area where there are a lot of seismographs
c) An area along the pacific ocean with a lot of earthquake and volcanic activity
d) An underwater mountain chain

Slate is formed when shale is exposed to intense heat and pressure. What kind of rock is slate?
a) Sedimentary
b) Metamorphic
c) Igneous
d) Diamond

What is included in the lithosphere?
a) Crust and uppermost part of mantle
b) Lowermost part of mantle
c) Both types of crust
d) Inner and outer core

Fossils fuels were formed from what?
a) Rocks exposed to intense heat and pressure
b) Melted rock
c) Sediments compacted and cemented over time
d) The remains of plants and animals

The slowest of all seismic waves
a) P-waves
b) S-waves
c) Surface waves
d) Body waves

If you are standing at the epicenter of an Earthquake, which of the following is true?
a) You are right above the focus, or origin of the Earthquake
b) You are in a safe location
c) A volcano is about to erupt
d) You are on a divergent plate boundary

Molten material on the Earth's surface
a) Lava
b) Magma
c) Chert
d) Lithosphere

Where do rift valleys form?
a) Continental-continental convergent boundary
b) Continental-oceanic convergent boundary
c) Divergent boundary on land
d) Divergent boundary under the water

What is plasticity?
a) Something that is a dense solid
b) Something that is a gas
c) A type of plastic mined from within the Earth
d) Something this is like a solid and a liquid

What causes the plates to move?
a) Earthquakes cause plate movement
b) Convection currents in the mantle
c) Plates are like bumper cars that don't move until another plate hits them
d) Volcanoes erupting cause plate movement

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