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Where is the jet stream located?
a) tropical region
b) temperate region
c) polar region
d) There can be 2-3 jet streams in each hemisphere, in any region.

What are the 4 types of fronts?
a) tropical maritime, tropical continental, polar maritime, polar continental
b) cold front, warm front, cool front, hot front
c) cold front, warm front, occluded front, stationary front

Which direction is the air coming from in the tropical region?
a) south
b) east
c) west
d) north

What wind pattern do we see in the tropical region?
a) prevailing westerlies
b) trade winds
c) doldrums
d) polar easterlies

Which direction is the air coming from in the polar region?
a) east
b) west
c) south
d) north

What wind pattern do we see in the temperate region?
a) doldrums
b) polar easterlies
c) prevailing westerlies
d) trade winds

What wind pattern do we see in the polar region?
a) trade winds
b) doldrums
c) prevailing westerlies
d) polar easterlies

Where is the tropical region located?
a) Directly above and below the equator
b) Directly above and below the north and south poles
c) Between the polar and temperate regions

Where is the temperate region located?
a) at the top and bottom of the globe
b) between the polar and tropical regions
c) above the equator

Where is the precipitation indicated by a station model located?
a) to the left of the cloud cover
b) to the right of the cloud cover
c) below the cloud cover
d) above the cloud cover

Define meteorologist.
a) one who studies the weather
b) one who studies animals
c) one who studies rocks
d) one who studies solar system

What does the shaded circle on a station model indicate?
a) cloud cover
b) precipitation
c) temperature
d) air pressure

What causes a front to form?
a) storms forming
b) air masses colliding

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